Our promises

We do things differently

The best available solution
We do not offer any financial products. What we do offer is to structure and procure the best available funding solution to every client. This means that our approach is very different to traditional investment bankers’ approach and is best expressed in that we ask our clients:
What is best for the company and its shareholders?
– then we structure and procure the best funding solution!

Fast and discrete sourcing
We only source funding from selected investors. Structured private placement to public companies is for specialist investment funds only. We have an elite network of international funds that are able to execute structured funding.
With a solid network of international investors we do not need to waste time presenting each case to a wide range of investors. Hence, we can source funding fast and very discrete – regardless of the size of the funding.

Discrete profile
We keep a discrete profile because what is important are our clients’ satisfaction and how they want to announce their funding to the markets.

The specialized private placement placement agent
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